18 PhD Fellowships at ICFO, Barcelona

ICFO the Institute of Photonic Sciences http://www.icfo.eu is a centre based in the Barcelona metropolitan area (Spain),

passionate about advancing the frontiers of the science of light, and devoted to research and education at the highest international level.

We are currently offering 18 PhD fellowships for this year 2016 to join the ICFO International PhD Program.

Detailed information about the program and the fellowships is available at http://phd.icfo.eu.
The deadline for application is 1st April 2016.
In case of any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact .

PhD, postdoc, and assistant professor vacancies in Quantum Photonics, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen (group of Prof. Peter Lodahl)

In the Quantum Photonics Group at the Niels Bohr Institute we explore solid-state quantum optics and photonic nanotechnology. We currently have a number of vacancies within the scope of several recently funded grants, including an ERC Advanced Grant.

Solid-state photonic quantum systems have recently matured dramatically, and it is now feasible to merge small-scale quantum systems into larger quantum architectures. We exploit single quantum dots embedded in photonic-crystal nanostructures as qubits for quantum technology. Recent highlights include the deterministic coupling of single photons and single quantum dots, chiral spin-photon interfaces, and giant single-photon non-linearities. Our research covers a broad spectrum from fabrication of nanophotonic structures through quantum optics experiments to in-depth theory.

We currently seek excellent and highly motivated people to join our research team both experiment and theory/modelling. Relevant backgrounds would be within physics, electrical engineering, photonics, nanotechnology, nanofabrication, or similar. The following projects within fundamental and applied research are now available:

  • Coherent chip-scale single-photon sources
  • Quantum simulations with coherent single photons
  • Photonic topological insulators
  • Nanoelectromechanical photonic circuits
  • Quantum gates based on deterministic spin-photon interfaces
  • Interfacing multiple quantum dots for quantum networks

For further information, please contact: Assoc. Prof. Søren Stobbe: or Prof. Peter Lodahl:

The group website can be found here www.quantum-photonics.dk

And the position announcements are here http://quantum-photonics.nbi.ku.dk/jobs/Solid-state-QIP-NBI.pdf

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships for quantum-optical networks with solid-state spins and photons

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships for quantum-optical networks with solid-state spins and photons

Application deadline: Friday, February 12, 2016

Research group: AMOP Cambridge – Atature Group

Employer web page: http://www.amop.phy.cam.ac.uk/amop-ma

University of Cambridge – AMOP Group (Mete Atature)

Confined and isolated spins carry great promise for quantum information science as quantum bits. Optically active semiconductor quantum dot systems can provide not only the confinement, but also clean optical access to the individual spin states under study. Funded by the ERC Consolidator Award PHOENICS, we aim to extend the quantum optical control from single confined spins to an elementary network, where high-yield, high-fidelity entanglement is established through photonic interference. The research topics will include the realisation of efficient quantum relays and repeaters, the generation of photonic cluster states, and interfacing hybrid (atomic and solid-state) nodes. The applicants should have strong interest and experience in experimental quantum optics, optical spectroscopy, atomic physics and/or confined spin systems and quantum information science. In turn, you will enjoy being an active part of a dynamic research group in the University of Cambridge and an integrated member of the Cambridge AMOP community.

How to apply: Applicants will be considered for 1st April 2016 starting date (negotiable). The fellowship is fully funded for 3 years, which will include a probationary period. Employment requirements of the University of Cambridge and the Physics Department apply fully.

Applications should be made online via the following link: http://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/9130/