WG4 Cooperative effects, correlations and many-body physics tailored by strongly confined optical fields.

  • Explore quantum regimes of light-matter interaction such as super radiance in nanostructured solid-state systems and surface plasmon lasing.
  • Study polaritonic effects in nanostructures to attain quantum correlations between light and matter even in the presence of fast dephasing processes.
  • Investigate transmitted photon quantum entanglement through nanostructured media, e.g. metallic hole arrays with a photon-plasmon-photon conversion process. A remarkable effect, which may have considerable applications in quantum-imaging technologies.
  • Develop light induced self-organization of atoms in strongly confined light fields as nano-fibres and microresonators. Here single particles significantly act back on the light field, providing a new and efficient source of optical nonlinearity at the few photon – few atom level.