Open PhD position: Single spins in silicon carbide for quantum technology at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

The  Institute  of  Photonics  and  Quantum  Sciences  at  Heriot  Watt, would like to recruit motivated students to join a newly-established  team  at  Heriot-Watt  University.  Prospective  students should  have  a  first-class  degree  in  a  relevant  discipline  (Physics, Electrical  Engineering,  Materials  Science)  and  a  strong  interest  in experimental research. The studentship comes with a standard ESPRC stipend  of  £14,296  per  annum  for  a  period  of  three  years.  Due  to funding restrictions, the studentship is available to EU applicants only.
The multidisciplinary nature of this project will give the successful applicant the possibility to gain experience in different fields, such as semiconductor physics, quantum optics, nano-photonics, magnetic resonance, nanofabrication.

Please contact Dr Cristian Bonato () for further information.
Application deadline: 30th  June 2016.

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