Education & Training

The mission of the Education and Training Board is to advise and assist the Management Committee on policies related to education and training.

The Board will also help to promote and develop training schools, summer schools, and other learning programs (academic and/or industrial) related to nanoscale quantum optics.

NQO Lecture collection

Table of Contents:

  • Basic Fluorescence
  • Cavity QED
  • Color Centers
  • Computational Methods
  • Nano Optics
  • Single Photon Sources
  • Strong Coupling

Please contact us at  if you would like to receive a copy of the teaching material

The proceedings book of the International Physics School “E. Fermi” on Nanoscale Quantum Optics organized by the COST Action in cooperation with the Italian Physical Society is available in digital format from IOS Press:

Members of the Italian Physical Society can download the book free of charge from the members site: