Potential impact of the Action

The Action will address scientific issues that are at the forefront of research and shape a research community. As such concrete deliverables are difficult to envisage. Nonetheless, important scientific achievements are expected from the cross-fertilization of cutting-edge research.

Furthermore, this strategy has the potential to generate disruptive technology and give rise to intellectual property and start-up companies. These will create scientific and industrial leadership as well as long-term competitiveness in, but not limited to, information & communication technology, sensing & metrology and energy efficiency within the European Research Area (ERA). In fact, the Action combines two of the three photonics research and innovation challenges identified by the Multiannual Strategic Roadmap 2014-2020 of Photonics 21. The Action will also contribute to the education and training of ESRs and it will produce future leaders and a highly skilled workforce in a fast-growing and strategic research field worldwide, which will in turn enrich the European societal and economic potential. Through the proactive involvement of female scientists, the Action will also have a positive impact on gender equality in science and technology. The Action will also give a chance to the involved developing countries to become attractive and highly performing partners in the ERA, and will support their participation to transnational projects.