Nanoscale Quantum Optics

The investigation of quantum phenomena in nanophotonics systems may lead to new scales of quantum complexity and constitutes the starting point for developing photonic technologies that deliver quantum-enhanced performances in real-world situations. This ambition demands new physical insight as well as cutting-edge engineering, with an interdisciplinary approach and a view towards how such ground-breaking technologies may be implemented and commercialized. The Action aims at promoting and coordinating forefront research in nanoscale quantum optics (NQO) through a competitive and organized network, which will define new and unexplored pathways for deploying quantum technologies in nanophotonics devices within the European Research Area. The main vision is to establish a fruitful and successful interaction among scientists and engineers from academia, research centres and industry, focusing on quantum science & technology, nanoscale optics & photonics, and materials science. The Action will address fundamental challenges in NQO, contribute to the discovery of novel phenomena and define new routes for applications in information & communication technology, sensing & metrology, and energy efficiency. Gathering a critical mass of experts the Action will serve as a platform in NQO and as such it will cooperate with industry and academia to promote innovation and education in a forefront research field.

Descriptions are provided by the Actions directly via e-COST.