Working Group 2

In nanoscale quantum optics three topics presently dominate the research on nonlinearities and ultrafast processes in nanostructured media:

  • nonlinear response in nanostructures
  • energy transfer and nanophotonic coupling
  • electrons in optical near-fields

WG2 Matrix
TopicsNonlinear response in nanostructuresEnergy transfer and nanophotonic couplingElectrons in optical near-fields
MATERIALS AND SYSTEMS– metal nanostructures
– optical nanoantennas
– plasmonic resonators
– plasmonic resonators
– nanophotonic antennas
– quantum dots
– light harvesting
– nanoemitter
– free electrons interacting with near fields
– multiphoton photoemission
THEORY AND MODELS– Coupling of Maxwell’s equations with quantum mechanical response models
– TD-DFT, hydrodynamic model, Bethe-Salpeter equation, …
– quantum coupling schemes
– quantum optics in the optical near-field
– strong-field physics
– plasmon assisted nonlinear photoemission
EXPERIMENTS– SHG, THG, nonlinear fluorescence, …
– nonlinear optical near-field microspectroscopy
– coherent 2D spectroscopy
– spatio-temporal spectroscopy
– CEP controlled
– electron nanoemitters
– ultrafast PEEM
– ultrafast SEM