Reasons for the Action

The main purpose of the COST Action Nanoscale Quantum Optics is to provide a platform where scientists and engineers can jointly analyse the state of the art and define coordinated efforts able to generate new approaches to existing problems and go beyond the current limits. This requires gathering a network of experts from the different communities of nanophotonics, quantum optics & quantum physics, materials science and providing them with means to effectively interact through the exchange of human resources and access to research infrastructure, joint meetings and a coordinated but flexible work plan. Furthermore, a COST Action will form the critical mass of scientists and engineers able to involve early end-users concerning innovation and education in a forefront research field. The improved know-how in this domain will open up new areas of research with relevance to physics, optics & photonics, materials science and spectroscopy. A wide range of strategic applications is foreseen and there is an extensive effort both in academia and industry to address the potential and the challenges of NQO. Europe has shown that it can take world leadership in top-level research domains provided that groups work collaboratively and resources are pooled. The central objective of the Action is the generation and dissemination of new scientific knowledge, sharing of technical and human resources, and to ensure that potentially disruptive technology is deployed. Through the combination of competences in several scientific disciplines, the Action will also contribute to the education and training of young scientists as well as support gender balance in a fast-growing and strategic research field of strong industrial impact.